Wednesday, 30 September 2009

le francais...

now this is the kind of thing that makes me want to be French (there i said it)...they're just so fucking good!

this little shortie was created by five french students from
the animation school known as the Gobelins. after 
reading up on it and checking out all of the "making of" 
treats on the website (
it's quite incredible how just five dudes have managed just
so much in only the space of four and a half months, 
including all the storyboards, screenplay, designs etc. one word
in my eyes...WOWZA! the reason for it's creation was to
open the event of the Annecy 2005 international animation 
festival. the wonder of it is they combined the use of
traditional two-dimensional animation along with Flash
and also Maya...i presume.

this beautiful tale was made by Adrien Toupet, Clement
Delatre and Looky, directed at Georges Melies School. 
as far as i can tell, they have only used Maya for each
characters movement, the backgrounds may have been
hand-drawn but i think have had a digital finish to mix 
with the rest of the animation.

this is an epic story directed by Cedric Babouche. 
i find this to be just one of a kind, it just holds magic 
in it's grasp. unfortunately i wasn't able to discover 
anything around the creation of this is 
simply born to exist! 

Vernon Mill Artists

i have just recently taken up a studio space in Vernon Mill in Stockport. it is quite a wonderful place. it has many nice people and lots of pretty pictures and paintings. i recommend a visit...

there is a public exhibition during the October month of this year to be able to view the work and meet some of the artists...

as i do not want to infringe any copyright by placing any artists work on here, take a look at the website...

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


`dentist's are my favourite kind of professional people`...despite the torture of having my gums poked at with a five-inch icepick and a water spitter rammed half way down my oesophagus during my seemingly mild check-up the other eyes were openly mesmerised to a pretty m.c escher painting perfectly placed upon the ceiling which numbed a fair amount of pain...

i then drifted into calm thought of how nonsensical the world seems to be, no direction, no destination, just movement and noise...then i washed my mouth out with the pink stuff!