Saturday, 10 October 2009

mi animacion...

...and here we are.

after dealing with the problematic ways of AfterEffects i had 48hrs to come up with some form of moving imagery. Fortunately after having some past experience with iStopMotion, i was quite comfortable with the process and therefore had a faint idea of what to undertake. Applying my two original characters from my previous project, and making a few slight changes to make them easier to incorporate, i cut each ligament out seperately to be able to manipulate. My initial idea was to set out a small story with each full character, having them approach each other from either side of the background then somehow merging in the centre. After playing around for quite sometime experimenting, i found the eccentricity of the movement too fun to keep to a basic storyline and therefore went a bit senseless. Utilising my original backdrop from AfterEffects, my tutor suggested integrating the essence of charcoal, perhaps outlining smoke from the chimneys of the houses. I then used pencil to keep the detail quite crisp and clear for the movement of the smoke only because my backdrop was sketched out in fineliner and i thought charcoal may have been too heavy to mix with. Overall, i am pleased with the result, however i think i could have added more features such as sound effects or difference in lighting and combined these in some editing software.

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