Wednesday, 2 December 2009

David Hughes...

DH is a brilliant man. He owns the line. He is the puppeteer of the pen. A mark is made and a world is undone. A page is blessed. A composition announced. A face unveiled.

He is the character within all of his drawings. He lays bare who he is with what he draws. You see him pasted over his stories. Not many people show it all right away. He is exuberant to reveal himself. He makes me whimsically laugh. I exalt him immensely.

What i appreciate the most about him is the fluidic form of line he mutually appraises with the surface of his illustrations. He is unaware, unfathomed, unceasing of where his line explores. I beg myself to unhinge the screws of stylisation and luxuriate in this kind of messy garden.


  1. I know David Chris would you like his details? G

  2. yes please G, that'd be awesome...:)