Friday, 4 December 2009

The Society of Illustrators pt.1...

When in New York, we all set out for a little visit to the Society of Illustrators gallery. Unfortunately at the time, i didn't have my camera on me to document the excursion, instead making do with my notepad, i jotted anything down that held my attention. It was a fantastic little place and a gorgeously constructed exhibition, sublimely displayed. 

The first thing I'd like to mention is this new Nokia Vine application. I didn't manage to catch who it was done by exactly but there was this smooth little video showcasing the application's many benefits. 

I find it quite surreal how far advanced this kind of technology has expanded so quickly and efficiently. Although, personally, i hold no major reliance upon this kind of thing and generally hate the type of convenience it encourages. I find it simply a money marketing scheme. Saying that, i do hypocritically comply with the people behind these kinds of ideas, only to the degree of attaining such an ability to nurture the aesthetics of appeal and public interest in the interest of broadcasting inventions that invite a positive change. 

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