Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Disney Pixars UP...

Last night for the first time in years, i decided to actually do something to fill my night with joy and went to the local cinema. UP was the only majorly appealing movie that was screening. 

In comparison to Pixars past animated feature-lengths that i have seen, UP was quite an impeccable triumph. It was unbelievably wholesome and uplifting but also carried a mature feel of childish ingenuousness that was warming to the heart. There was a deep connection with each personality of the characters. The sense of adventure progressed beautifully. I found it unorthodox of Pixar as the story proceeded so quickly, there were so many turning points and changeovers, it was incredulously enveloping. As soon as one thing happened i couldn't wait to see the next. Without a doubt the animation was undeniably top-notch as always and really complemented the purity of the film. At times i was actually in stitches, Pixar has definitely up-ped (pardon the pun) the scale of infantile comedy, the humour was simple yet just perfectly convivial. I am contemplating a second watch and i would most definitely recommend anyone else to come with me.

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