Sunday, 29 November 2009

A little bit of MoMA pt.3...

This guy is high on my hero list. He's some kinda Santa Claus. After studying him for quite some time i found out, it is said that he was allegedly shot down from a warplane, crashed unconscious and was revived back to full health by a couple of locals who pasted his body in animal fat and then wrapped him in felt in order to keep him warm. This was considered the epitome of his artistic pioneering. Ever since then the way his work has expanded is a matter of momentum so it seems. No matter how much of a necessity there may be to negate his past, it becomes irrelevant in relation to the way in which he has cleverly mastered the logistics of the era in which he was present and eveything he did to make such a hardened mark as a political activist. Beautiful work to see in the flesh, never thought i'd see the day.

He combined his life with art...quite a sincere sacrifice if you ask me!

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