Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A little bit of MoMA pt.2...

I have come across Hans Bellmer in the past and I studied him briefly over the course of my first year. I first witnessed this fetishistic sculpture in all its glory in the Liverpool Tate gallery. It's quite relenting to see with your own eyes. Its one of those kind of pieces that envelops itself, to be able to see it from every angle, an affirming and discomforting resonance becomes present, and at the same time it occupies more of an embellished sense of beauty. Rather than just looking at it upon a computer screen, it cannot be encapsulated. I definitely did not suspect such a piece to have been part of MoMAs collection, it was quite a smiley surprise.

This piece merely acts as the perverse ingredient into which an erotic blend of naivety and temptational desire fervents the youthful feminity of a childlike infancy and brands a new-found semblance of sexuality and maturity. The piece as a singular element resists this incarnation, only through the photographic lens can it be accomplished and through Bellmer's personal experiences of carnality is it truely revealed. I just find his photographs undoubtedly enlightenening. There is an unsettling authenticity evident within them to the point where they also most seem unfathomable.

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