Sunday, 29 November 2009

A little bit of MoMA pt.6...

Although, as surreal as it was to gaze upon this piece with my own eyes, i thought it possessed something quite inexplicable.

There are natural expectations and assumptions made with how such an artistic piece is to be able to affect someone.

In this case, you would assume that there would be quite a pertinent change when baring witness to something like this that attains such a dexterous calibre.

Unfortunately from my own personal perspective, i thought it was rather wank.

Seemingly, from first glance it does embody some form of an evocative ambience, but after a while, i find it just becomes dwindled by an underlying and impending stigma of defiled vibrance.

It feels almost tainted to a degree.

Strange but at the same time illuminating at how my own perception of such a great piece can instinctively change when perceived in the flesh.

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