Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mulberry Fashion Brief...

Okay, just to state now, i am not the biggest fan of fashion. Clothing would have to be one of my major flaws to representing any sense of my own personal style.

The brief that we have been given is to produce a design to work as different elements within a Mulberry store. The main requirement is to incorporate this design into a 15cm x 30cm format to act as a huge carpet. The elements that are required should work as separate motifs as they would be used to decorate around the store. 

Apparently Mulberry attempt to combine `the cool of the city with the craft of the countryside`. Personally, i think that's a load of wank. On the Mulberry website their recent selection of glamorous things have no style, no etiquette of originality or substance, every item seems to identify one spot colour and some kind of fancy material that will complement an eye-popping price. They are empty residues of crap. 

This being a slight dilemma as where to begin, i was very unsure of how to make such a cool and crafty combination. I decided to venture for some different resources and purchased a Vogue magazine. This helped a lot. 

Utilising such pretty pictures contained within, i initiated some templates from whatever was feasible and drew out some basic shapes. After further inductions in Adobe Illustrator, i began reworking my sketches and transformed them into Vector shapes. 

I became a little subdued by how i couldn't actually integrate any of them into a basic composition. My initial idea was to incorporate the selection of shapes i had and copy them over the template, however, after a few attempts,it kinda ended up looking similar to something along the lines of Matisse which didn't really fit the brief in my eyes.

After major frustration nearly resulting in suicide, i just kept it all simple and using some novice tools on Illustrator repeated some of me shapes and made some circular patterns out of 'em...

and here we are...

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